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Fixed price £45 plumbing repairs

At Speedy Plumbers, we aim to fix most problems for the £45 fixed fee (between 8am-5pm Monday - Friday. Additional charge applies for outside hours). In our experience this is possible for 90% of the call out jobs done by our expert plumbers in Preston. With the assumption that most single jobs can be completed within 90 minutes including one minor part. This covers small components like washers, ball valves, syphons, syphon spares, float valves and tap valves. Our fixed price includes one standard part.

• Any cistern repair (ball/float valve, syphon or push button syphon)

• Standard tap repair (doesn’t include ceramic tap valves)

• Burst pipes (not including lead piping)

• Leaking pipe work (doesn’t include central heating pipe work)

• Bath, sink and basin waste traps and pipe work includes internal and external.

• Leaking pan connectors (unless WC has to be removed to replaced)

What if I need more than 1 part?

What if my repair requires a non-standard part?

Example: If a cistern repair required a new float valve and syphon then the higher priced of the two would be charged as extra but labour would still be the same.

Call the expert plumbers at Speedy Plumbers on 07980 111 185 for £45 plumbing repairs.

Examples of the repairs we do:

Our vans stock most of the minor parts required for the vast majority of repairs, but on the rare occasion your repair requires a non-standard fit replacement part that has to be ordered, there will be a further call out charge and price of the part, if you think this might be the case, just call us and discuss it with us first.

What if my repair takes longer than 90 minutes?

If on investigation the work cannot be completed within 90 minutes we will quote you on the work, if it’s accepted the £45 fee will be put towards the final bill. If the quote is turned down the fixed price is considered a call out fee and will be billed as such.


For more information on our offers and range of services, talk to our experts today or read what our customers of Preston have to say about our services. We work very hard to ensure our customers get a service from us that is of the highest standard and all your problems are solved.